The mystery continues.

2 days off of eplerenone and 4 20 mEq doses of potassium later, I can say that I feel (almost) back to normal. Blood pressure is running consistently 120s-130s/70s-80s, just like a normal person. Muscle spasm and headache almost entirely gone.

And while overall that’s good news, the following questions remain:

  1. Why did eplerenone, an anti-hypertensive, cause my BP to go up?
  2. Why do I keep dumping potassium?
  3. Why do I have mildly elevated aldosterone and mildly low renin, if I’m not responding positively to the category of drug typically prescribed to treat this?

And yeah, there are probably more questions. And there are probably no answers in sight for the foreseeable future. And I’m exhausted just thinking about it.