About Primary Aldosteronism (PA)

Online Support

I’ve found that the best information about PA from a patient’s perspective comes from two online sources:

Yahoo! Hyperaldosteronism support board

NORD Rare Disease Support Community


Primary Aldosteronism: What’s New?

Diagnosis: Hyperaldosteronism

Hyperaldo Too

Patient Experiences

UCLA Endocrine Surgery

Facts and Diagnosis

PA fact sheet (PDF)

PA Symptoms – American Society of Endocrine Surgeons

PA diagnosis (PDF)

PA diagnosis – American Society of Endocrine Surgeons

Approach to the Patient with Hypertension and Hypokalemia

National Adrenal Diseases Foundation – Hyperaldosteronism overview


Treatment of Primary Aldosteronism – this is a pretty great outline of how PA should be dealt with, step by step. Unfortunately it’s through a subscription database and most of the outbound links are not available to non-subscribers.

General endocrine disorders medical text, with a chapter on adrenal disorders including PA:


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