Oh, hey.

I’m not exactly updating this site any longer, but I’m keeping it up since my stats tell me people are dropping by pretty much daily in search of info on hyperaldosteronism. I do hope they are finding what I’ve written here to be helpful.

It’s been almost 4.5 years since my adrenalectomy. While I continue to have some post-surgical issues, what I don’t have are regrets. I still have pain (allegedly from scar tissue) on the side with the incisions. I still have low potassium if I don’t take potassium supplements. I’ve got a really screwed-up back and core thanks to the fact that physical therapy was entirely neglected after my surgery, which I’m remedying by working with a trainer (and wishing I had done so sooner). But!!! I’m not on any HTN meds, and I’m rarely incapacitated by the aforementioned problems, and those are both very positive changes from the state I was in pre-adrenalectomy.

While elsewhere on the Web there are some negative opinions (and frankly, some flat-out misinformation) about adrenalectomy, I’m keeping this site up in the hopes that my story will present a positive view to balance the negative that’s out there. Perhaps not a perfect view, but a positive one nonetheless.