A week in the life.

Now let’s see… where were we? It’s been a hell of a week, but it wasn’t all bad – there was a 10+ mile hike on a very hot 4th of July in there that made me feel like I couldn’t possibly be all that sick. But that was the high point. I’ll take it!

My nephrologist essentially “fired” me, which you may recall he tried to do once before. While I respect him for being upfront and telling me that he thinks my case is beyond his expertise, the alternative he proposes – travel to Mayo Clinic for treatment by experts – has no basis in reality. At least not my reality, which is a reality of not having a lot of spending cash for things like plane tickets and cat sitters and airport parking and, oh, minor detail – doctors outside of my insurance network. So that’s not going to happen, although I am considering the NIH option.

This leaves me at the mercy of the rather arrogant endocrinologist. My primary care doc has had words with him, and has told me to try to not be so “intimidating” the next time I meet with the endo. Ummm… I’m all of five feet two inches tall and weigh less than the average American 12 year old*; how intimidating can I possibly be?! Oh, right. In other words, don’t be so intelligent. Because smart women are SCARY!

So this means I’m going through with the sodium loading test the endo ordered next week. Been there, done that; it’s no picnic but it does give me an excuse for a couple days off work so hey, I’ll look on the bright side. And the results might be interesting, or at the very least, useful. I just wish the process wasn’t so heinous – I have to ingest 6000mg of sodium tablets for three days, the third day of which I have to pee into a bottle full of acid all day. Good times. Or, you wish you were me.

*True story, that. If you want to read about the “average” American child’s weight, here’s a fascinating – and depressing – PDF.