Hyperaldosteronism – a refresher course.

Figured this would be useful both to my friends reading this, to remind them of what I am dealing with, and for those who find their way here in search of information: What are the signs and symptoms of hyperaldosteronism?

The short list, copied from the link above. I’ve bolded the signs and symptoms that I am dealing with at present:

High blood pressure
Low blood potassium
Low blood acid

Vision problems
Muscle cramps
Muscle weakness
Temporary paralysis
Increased urine
Increased thirst

And FWIW, I debated including “temporary paralysis” in my symptoms because I’m not sure if my neck freezing up would fall into this category or not. This isn’t something that happened the last go-round, but it seems to be a permanent visitor this time around. Because of this, I couldn’t turn my head to parallel park the other night, so I had to park a zillion miles away from home. This is the burden of PA in a nutshell: it’s not the end of the world, but damn, it makes life a pain in the ass sometimes!

~ ~ ~

In other news: met with yet another one of the top endos at UCLA yesterday, and he turned out to be just as clueless as the last top UCLA endo I met with. This one told me that there was no way I could be having low potassium symptoms as my potassium measured 3.8 and the lab normal is 3.6-4.7. Ummmmm… who am I going to believe, the guy with the fancy letters after his name, or my own body, that got tested for this stuff weekly to biweekly for nearly a year already?

Yeah. Welcome to my new reality.