Return of the giant pills.

My most recent labs showed a drop in potassium down to 3.8, so, as of this afternoon I’m back on the giant pills.


At this point I still don’t have a definitive diagnosis… but at this point I’m not sure I care. Aldosterone is high and potassium is low; I only have one remaining adrenal gland, so really, how much more do I need to know other than “get used to taking lots of pills”?

I’m in the process of being referred to yet another specialist at UCLA. I suppose it will be worthwhile to learn if it’s another tumor, or if it’s hyperplasia, but as far as I know there’s no treatment other than drugs for either.

And as much as I hate drugs, I hate the headaches and the muscle spasms even more. And I hate the dangerously low potassium drops that used to land me in the ER. So really – let’s just get on with it and treat this damned thing.