Deja vu all over again.

Labs done today include: CMP, PTH, Phos, PRA, plasma aldosterone, cortisol, ACTH.

Doing 24 hour urine Thursday (Na, K, Ca, creatinine) then when I drop it off Friday morning having plasma metanephrines done.

Possibly worth noting: thanks to my white-coat HTN, my BP in the office was 150/100 (it’s running high 130s-low 140s, 80s/90s at home consistently and is always higher in a doctor’s office), and when he asked me how my job was going, he said my pulse went up by about 20 beats. So yes, there could actually be a stress factor at play here for once, but that doesn’t account for the headaches and the dizziness and the wild fluctuations in BP.

While my first conclusion was parathyroid/calicum channel issues, the doc’s first conclusion was pheochromacytoma – the idea being to rule it out, as they are rare and “unlikely” but – in his words, my entire medical history is “unlikely.”

I feel like I’ve been on this train before…