Interesting study of PA patients.

It’s a small study of just 26 patients, but worth a read: Evolution Features of Hypertensive Patients with Primary Aldosteronism. Treatment of patients with unilateral (what I had) and bilateral disease was compared. What I found most notable was the three deaths in the study group, all of them patients with hypokalemia.

Hypokalemia (low potassium) was, for me, the biggest risk factor, and the one that was most ignored – when I was first diagnosed with low potassium (nearly three years before I actually received a PA diagnosis!) I had actually had it for 3+ years running, yet not a one of the doctors I saw during that time mentioned it or treated it.

It sounds a bit dramatic to say this, but the whole time I was sick, particularly the last 5 years of my illness, I felt like I was going to die of whatever I had long before The Experts figured it out. All that The Experts could see was the hypertension, despite the fact that in terms of lifestyle I was a textbook picture of health – not overweight, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, didn’t eat junk food, etc. The Experts were so blinded by those systolic/diastolic numbers that they couldn’t see the real killer at all.