Eight months post-adrenalectomy.

Today being the 13th of June makes it exactly eight months to the day since my left adrenal was removed. Eight months – will somebody please tell me how that happened? Seems like it was just last week.

Nothing remarkable to report other than life carrying on as normal, which after last year’s anything-but-normal is a welcome thing indeed. In the interest of science, though, a few things to note:

Yay! – blood pressure 118/79 at last measure, no signs of potassium problems, no headaches or any of the other nasty things at all since the surgery. It amazes me when I look back and think about all the daily inconveneniences the tumor caused, the headaches and the muscle pain and sometimes just the all-out inability to function. All gone.

Boo! – Really minor stuff here, but – tellin’ it like it is. The incisions still hurt sometimes. Still! Not ouch-hand-me-a-Vicodin pain, but more of a constant, dull, annoying pain. Generally when I’ve been sitting too much, or am overstressed (two things which are one and the same; rarely if ever do I sit too much because I actually *want* to). And while the scars are fading, they are still pretty noticeable. The has necessitated the switch from a bikini to a tankini for my weekly beach excursions – not that I care much about others seeing the scars, but my doctor told me that the sun would make them darker. So, I’ll be spending the summer in my old-fart swimsuits. Talk about your middle-class problems!

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