Farewell, my file folder.

Today was my last follow-up with my nephrologist, which was the last of all of my post-adrenalectomy follow-ups. I entered his office a recovering adrenalectomy patient; I left as a healthy individual with no known health issues, free to get on with my life in whatever way I desire.

Potassium remains 4.5, with no further need for frequent testing. Blood pressure home average was 117/78, 120/80 in the doctor’s office. Resting heart rate average is 79.

In January, I will follow up with my primary care doctor to get potassium checked again, as well as cholesterol and blood sugar, both of which have had really odd patterns that the hyperaldosteronism *probably* caused. Time will tell. Assuming those issues resolve, the only testing I will need will be annually. Just like any other healthy person.

For the past ten months, I have had somewhere between one and three appointments nearly every week. A small forest has likely been destroyed due to the paperwork my case has generated. Every weekday, I have carried this file folder with me, full of lab results and letters and recommendations and PubMed articles. Pictured above is the last month’s worth of paperwork; elsewhere I have an entire file drawer filled with everything from most of the past year.

It’s strange, kind of, the knowledge that no matter where my days will take me in the future, nobody is going to be asking for lab results or CT scan discs. And it’s a little odd knowing that I really only need to remember to be two places: at work, or not at work.

I have no idea what, if anything, all of this will change for me. But I do know that there are many, many more possibilities open to me than there would have been had I not had the surgery.

One thought on “Farewell, my file folder.

  1. I just had my left adrenal gland removed 7/19/16. One surgeon thought it was a pheo. It wasn’t. It was a benign cortical nodule with medullary hyperplasia 1.8 cm. I had some anxiety and hot flashes.Thank you for your wonderful diary. It helped me. More info needs to be given to the patient. I was to go home the following day, but was in so much pain, I requested to stay another day. I had extreme pain for 6 days and the 20 oxycodone was not enough. By day 7, I felt pretty good. I also had a 3.5 cm paraganglioma removed from my aortic artery in March, 2016 and had many symptoms. I survived open-heart surgery, but will be monitored yearly. I wish you good health and happiness.

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