What to expect.

Just a quick little collection of links that detail the laparoscopic adrenalectomy that I am scheduled for this coming Thursday. For those who are stronger than me, feel free to Google for videos – there are many. Personally, I prefer words.

Each facility does things a little bit differently and each has varying levels of restrictions after the procedure. I’m told that if all goes well, I will never actually even be admitted to the hospital – I’ll be in surgery, then in a recovery room overnight, and then discharged the next day.

My only restriction on driving is “don’t do it while on narcotics.” Uh, duly noted! I asked how long before I could do yoga, climb a ladder, or climb stairs, and the answer I got was “whenever you feel up to it.” The only real restriction seems to be on lifting things – nothing over 10 pounds for 2 weeks. Guess I’ll need a smaller purse…

I’ll know Wednesday afternoon what time I’m going in, but as of now it looks like I’ll probably have to be there bright and early at 6am, with a surgery start time of 8, meaning there’s the possibility it will all be behind me by noon.

I still need to confirm this on Wednesday, but I’ve been told visitors are allowed 24 hours. And I’m not shy about these things – if that’s really true, then vistors are welcome!

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