One down, five to go.

It’s been a week already since I’ve been off spironolactone! That means just five weeks left to go before I can repeat the AVS. I’m happy to report that the postural hypotension side effect I was increasingly experiencing while on spiro is almost completely gone. For some reason, though, I remain ridiculously sensitive to alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine! I’m the girl who can drink a pot of coffee, then roll over and fall into a sound sleep. Or, at least I was that girl. Now I’m the girl who can only drink one cup of coffee and then has to call it quits.

~ ~ ~

Dialing back the caffeine, if that is indeed what I have to do, is probably going to hurt me more than any of the other dietary intolerances I’ve dealt with. I’ve been lactose intolerant since birth, fructose- and wheat-free for almost 10 years, and none of that has ever bothered me – mainly, because I really don’t care much about food. I don’t like being hungry, but aside from that – eh, whatevah. With the salt restrictions that came with the PA diagnosis, my interest in food has gone from barely there to nonexistent.  I’m far more inclined to eat a handful of almonds and call it lunch than I am to actually give it any thought.

So there has been weight loss. Not a lot – 10 pounds, maybe – but I’m not very big to begin with, so 10 pounds looks like more than it is on me. And, this being Los Angeles and all, people have noticed it.

Yesterday at work, a male coworker, who has asked me about my “diet” before and is aware than I have “an illness,” started interrogating me about my “weight loss plan.” He’s got a bit of a tendency to gain weight around the midsection – hey, welcome to forty! – and really wanted to know how I do it. I explained to him that it’s not intentional, that it’s due to an illness and that I can’t eat much of anything, so I don’t really bother. His response? “That’s great! Can I have what you have?!”

I definitely need to add that to my list of What Not to Say to a sick person.

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