A second chance.

Today I called the interventional radiologist, the one who got sick and had her associate do my AVS, the one who called my nephrologist last week to discuss my botched AVS. And I’m glad that I did, because I now have a bit more information than my nephrologist was giving me.

Apparently the entire test results were inaccurate. In order to properly interpret the results, BOTH the left and right adrenals have to be sampled correctly and compared to each other. The fact that my right side lab values were out of range is not nearly as relevant as the right side compared to the left side. To just assume that the high results meant the right side was also bad was… a little premature.

The interventional radiologist wants me to repeat the test. Knowing what I know now, I’m all for it. So my next step is to discuss it with the nephrologist when I see him on Wednesday, so he can contact my insurance company to preauthorize it. Then I have to stop the meds – yay, kind of – for 6 weeks, and then I can repeat the AVS.

It’s too soon to be feeling hopeful, and after all I’ve been through I really should know better. But – I have to admit my outlook is a little better than it was when I woke up this morning.

~ ~ ~

Ironically, I got home today to find my final bills from the first AVS in the mailbox. Total cost, almost $30,000. My portion? $150 for the hospital room and $30 for the doctor. I’ve seen a lot of searches coming here for “cost of AVS” and while I’m in no way certain that all insurances will be so accommodating, I figured I’d put that out there for the curious.

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