Two choices.

My nephrologist called me this afternoon.

The AVS was done incorrectly. Based on the lab values listed for my left adrenal – the one with the tumor – he is convinced that the interventional radiologist was in my hepatic vein, rather than my adrenal vein.

His recommendation? Travel to Mayo Clinic or NIH to have it re-done.

I explained to him that travel was not an option for me, and asked why I can’t just have it re-done at UCLA. His response was that they messed it up the first time, so why would I want that?

Going into it, I knew there was only a 65% success rate on the first try. I was fully prepared to have to do it again, and still am.

The conversation took a turn toward drugs at that point. I’m pretty against the whole idea.

Assuming that the lab didn’t get right and left samples mixed up – not likely, but possible – since my right adrenal put out so much aldo during the test, chances are my left (the one with the tumor) did too and it’s bilateral, which leaves only meds as an option anyway. So he’s advocating that I cut to the chase and be done with it.

But he admitted that it’s possible that the left *could* have a tumor just sitting there, doing nothing, and be perfectly fine.

The only way to find this out is to repeat the AVS.

I need to know, so I’ll be spending my upcoming days fighting for my insurance company to cover that.

Because really, I only have two choices to work with here: accept a lifetime of medication without question, or get the AVS done again locally. That second option is worth fighting for.

Stay tuned.

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