The endocrinologist visit.

As expected, the endocrinologist visit was interesting. The endo had a slightly more complete set of AVS results than my primary care doc had, which showed that my RIGHT adrenal was producing excessive aldosterone and cortisol. The tumor is on the LEFT. He also doesn’t think that the AVS results are typical of primary aldosteronism – while the hyperaldosteronism is there, he suspects there may be something else going on also.

That mention of hypercortisolism from yesterday? All these years later, the endo still wants to test for that, so I will be doing a dexamethasone suppression test. Tonight at midnight I have to take a dose of dexamethasone, which is a steroid (I’m not really happy about this), and tomorrow morning I have to go in for bloodwork. He’s also doing blood tests for DHEA-sulfate and free testosterone. In lay terms – in addition to checking out my adrenals, my pituitary is now under scrutiny.

And then there’s my liver. That hepatic hemangioma – when the endo looked at my CT results he started to say “that’s nothing to worry about” but then when he saw the size of it, he backpedaled a bit and said he’ll want to look into that more further down the line.

So… nothing has been determined about what I will be doing with the rest of my life. And while this is so frustrating that I don’t have words to express how it feels, I am feeling pretty fortunate that I didn’t proceed with my nephrologist’s advice to skip the AVS and proceed directly to adrenalectomy.

Because that left adrenal adenoma? It’s starting to seem like it’s just sitting there, doing nothing.

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