One week post-AVS.

Went to my first yoga class since the AVS last night, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s back to normal life for me. Yesterday marked one week since I had the procedure done, which means the results should be in any day now. And so begins the hardest part: the waiting.

As for any lingering after-effects of the procedure – I am still having low potassium issues, but it’s being monitored carefully and it’s not in the danger zone. And I did have something odd happen that was a little disturbing. At work the other day I noticed an odd feeling in the back of my right leg – hard to describe, a tingling sensation that felt like something to do with a nerve. But since my discharge instructions specified to call if I experience a list of symptom, one of which was tingling – well, of course I called.

After an unpleasant exchange with the UCLA page operator – why is their clerical staff so unpleasant, while everyone else I’ve dealt with at UCLA is so fabulous?? – I was able to reach the on-call interventional radiologist, who asked me if I ever had lower back problems. (Um, never – upper back, yes, but I’ve always been lower-back-pain free.) He assured me that anything to do with the AVS would be in the front of the leg, where the vein is, and that what I was feeling was probably a nerve that got irritated during the hours I spent lying flat on the hard little hospital bed.  Or, even more likely, sleeping on my couch.

Of course, there’s also the very likely possibility that it’s yet another annoying effect of low potassium, but for now I’ll blame the couch. A couple more yoga classes should probably fix me up just fine.

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