Day four, post-AVS.

I’d say I was a little over-ambitious when I went to work yesterday. Sitting was not the most comfortable thing for me to do – I lasted all of two and a half hours, and then all I wanted to do was lie down. Which I proceeded to do for four hours once I got home. A nurse from UCLA called me to check up on how I was doing, and when I told her I had gone to work she was pretty surprised.

Today was a different story – I was fine sitting at my desk most of the day. Walking is still kinda tricky – I’m not in any pain, at all, until I try to take a normal step or walk at a normal speed, then something just freezes up and doesn’t want to go. Then it stays painful for a while, then I’m fine again. There are no signs of bruising or bleeding, so whatever it is, I doubt it’s any reason to worry.

So all in all – I’d give this procedure a three-day recovery time, rather than the 24 hours that the medical folks will quote. I’m still laying off any activity that puts pressure on the femoral vein area – dear yoga, I miss you but will see you soon! – but I’m not even sure that that is necessary.

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