Day three, post-AVS.

Today is the first day after the AVS that I didn’t immediately reach for my prescription-strength ibuprofen. This may or may not be a mistake. I’m about to attempt to put in a half-day at work, which also may or may not be a mistake.

Yesterday afternoon I drove the short distance to the shop where I play music weekly. Driving was no big deal; getting in and out of the car, on the other hand, was, as was not finding a nearby parking space once I reached my destination. I parked a block away, and had to walk so slowly that it felt like it took me an hour to walk that block. Once there, I was fine, but after an hour and a half of sitting in a chair I was exhausted and headed home to my couch.

These are minor things. I am still amazed at how easy this recovery has been, especially when compared to others I have read about. I’m not sure if I’m just incredibly resilient, if my medical team is far superior to others, or if the collective good thoughts of those around me are working – or a combination of all three.

Now that (I think) I’m past the point where I need to worry about post-AVS complications – I have had none – I think I can safely say that the hardest part of all of this was the trepidation leading up to the procedure. Between the anti-AVS sentiments of the doctor who moderates the Yahoo Hyperaldosterone support board, my hypertension specialist’s emphasis of the risks of the procedure, and the stories I have heard from others who have had negative experiences, I was probably more terrified of this procedure than of anything I’ve experienced in my life. It wasn’t necessary.

This is not to downplay the risks of the procedure. They are very real, especially when done by those with less experience than the medical team I am working with. But in the end, worrying about all of this doesn’t really benefit anybody – it’s something that needs to be done if surgery is the desired treatment for PA. I’ve known from the start that that is the outcome that I am hoping for. And what I will continue to hope for during this week or so that I will be awaiting the AVS results.

Note to self: hope for, not worry about.

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