Day two, post-AVS.

Today is mostly notable for two things: first, I can drive again, which I haven’t yet attempted but plan to this afternoon. And second, the bandages are off.

I had read accounts of severe bruising, so I was expecting to see something rather colorful and gruesome. But – nothing, really. Just two little red dots that do not look much different than the dots on my arms where the IVs were. I’ve had far worse bruising just from blood tests.

I am feeling so incredibly fortunate to have the health care team that I have to get me through this. Another woman from the Yahoo Hyperaldosteronism support group had her AVS the same day that I did, and her experience was far more traumatic, in ways that could have been prevented. My heart goes out to her.

I am also feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to have the friends that I have helping me through this. A big MAHALO to all of you.

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