Wait, it gets better.

My AVS is scheduled for tomorrow. At 3pm today, I got a call to confirm it – and oh, by the way, a different doctor than the one you met with will be doing it.

Apparently my interventional radiologist of choice is dealing with an illness herself. Fair enough; life happens. But letting me know at the last minute? Not fair.

I’ve talked with both my nephrologist (who is my hypertension specialist) and my internist. My neph tells me to proceed, but cautiously, asking all of the same questions I asked the first IR. My internist agrees but also thinks that any IR who is on the faculty at UCLA should be skilled enough to deal with this.

I can’t do the waiting thing again. I really, really need this over with. So, here’s how it’s going to go down. I will be asking the following:

  • How many AVS procedures have you performed?
  • Have any of them resulted in emergency surgery?

If I don’t like the answers, I’m walking out of there. And not looking back.

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