Aldosterone suppression test, day two.

So far, so good. Today’s job was to take 2mg NaCl three times – the first two are already a done deal. The side effects have been absolutely minimal – a little bit of nausea about an hour after taking it. I did wake up at 3am with a crazy bad headache, but fortunately it’s okay to take super double extra strength aspirin/caffeine/acetaminophen cocktails during this test – I popped one of those and went back to sleep and woke up magically headache-free. The worst thing so far is that my potassium dropped to 3.2, so I’m taking extra doses of the giant pills.

Tomorrow: more blood-letting, and, whee, big fun – it’s the day I get to pee in a jug all day. Then Thursday I take that in to the lab, submit myself to even more blood-letting, and then I’m on my merry way, unless tomorrow’s labs show even lower potassium, in which case I may end up being subjected to potassium infusion. Um, let’s hope not, okay?

I consider myself really, really lucky that I’m almost 2/3 done with this thing and – fingers crossed – nothing scary-bad has happened. There’s a bit of negative information out there about the risks of this test, and while I’m sure the risks are all very real, I almost think Dr. Google had me unnecessarily worried.

Also? I consider myself really, really lucky that I’ve got a nice little group of friends looking out for me right now. You know who you are. Thank you.

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