The CT scan is done and I should have results by tomorrow evening. It was uneventful except:

  • The receptionist tried to charge me a $150 copay because I “hadn’t met my deductible.” On NO COFFEE – gasp, horrors! – I had to explain to her that I have fancypants Cadillac insurance with no copay and no deductible.
  • My vein went into spasm when the nurse tried to put in the IV line. Ouch. Fortunately the other arm cooperated beautifully.
  • The IV contrast, which I’ve had before with no problems, burned like hell when the technician turned it on. She fixed it immediately but wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

And thus my week as a lab rat concludes. Back to the waiting!

ETA: If you’re having a CT scan done with oral contrast – which this was, which I had never had before – you may want to skip eating afterward. Evidently this stuff takes a couple days to leave your system and can cause nausea for some people. Guess what? I’m one of them.

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