This morning I had a renal artery ultrasound. This isn’t a standard part of testing for primary aldosteronism; it’s usually ordered when renal artery stenosis is suspected. This is more of a formality than anything – in order to determine if they will pay for the CT angiogram that my doctor wants done, my insurance company said I had to do this first.

Ultrasounds are no big deal, discomfort-wise – I’ve had many done because of ovarian cysts. Generally I find them really interesting – I mean, you get to look at pictures of your guts, how cool is that! The worst part? Not being able to drink coffee first. Early morning + no coffee = innermost circle of hell. I really hope I wasn’t too grumpy with my ultrasound technician – she was so, so nice, and I was so, so sleepy. I feel like I should send her flowers or something.

Anyway. Tomorrow I get to repeat the early morning/no coffee routine for the CT scan. Again, another no-big-deal test – the worst part of it is the strange sensation that you’re about to lose control of all bodily functions when they inject the contrast dye. It doesn’t happen to everybody, and you *don’t* actually lose control, but – you guessed it – it happens to me. Good times!

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