Another study – this one in Cardiology Today, probably a bit more authoritative than that ABC News article I posted – advocating PRA (plasma renin activity) testing in hypertensive patients. PRA testing – a simple blood draw – is the first step in screening for primary aldosterone. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if I had had this done 9 years ago, I would not have taken unnecessary and ineffective medications for most of that time.

Why wasn’t it done 9 years ago? Well… this little snippet from the article; the bold is mine:

Despite the concept of utilizing PRA in the management of hypertension having been proposed for more than a decade, testing impracticalities that include availability, cost, offsite processing, difficult assay, interlaboratory variability and prolonged incubation in low-renin subjects have prevented routine use clinically.

In other words, a bad combination of HMO frugality cheapness and lack of awareness. This has to change.

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