Flea market medicine.

My employer changed our insurance provider to Cigna on the 1st of the year. When this happened, my out of pocket cost for insurance almost quadrupled – I pay almost $300 a month for this plan. Now that I need it, I’m glad I have it. But. But, I do expect a certain degree of service in exchange for my dollars. (I know, I know – I should just lower my expectations. Trying. Really!)

Last week my doctor submitted the preapproval stuff to Cigna for a garden-variety CT scan, as well as a more complex abdominal angiography. Today I got a phonecall from a Cigna “patient advocate,” which I think is marketing-speak for a case manager, which I gather they assign whenever one of their insured suddenly is going to cost them a lot of money.

First, the good news; the CT scan was approved. Now it’s just a matter of scheduling. Then, the bad news; Cigna rejected the request for the angio.

I’m not going to even go into the ridiculousness of this – it’s not a pleasant procedure, people; my doctor would not order it out of frivolity, nor would I consent to have it if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. It’s up to my doctor to fight for it now; I have a feeling that the outcome of the CT may predict whether this will be a fight or not.

BUT. It gets better. After explaining all of this to me, the “patient advocate” moved on to her next order of business: to ask me if I would mind having the test done at a less expensive location than the one my doctor picked.



Haggling? Like at the flea market? Are. You. Freakin. Serious??

Needless to say, the test will be done at the expensive facility of my doctor’s choosing.

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